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Smartphones : What make them so smart ?


What make Smartphones  so smart?
  By Mohan Gauns

Before we begin with the discussion, let’s play a memory game: close your eyes and imagine your first mobile phone, think of shape, size, screen, feature and games on it.
Remember how big and heavy it was. Now, tell me the name of the OS it was working on. You have no idea right? Yes, I am talking about mobile operating system, spirit of pocket giant, quite unreachable, yet interactive, quite possessive, yet magical, accumulating the power of dominating the world with mere touch of fingers.

Traditional OS was insignificant and almost redundant and had hardly any scope for customizations. And adding of applications was unheard of, does anyone remember of changing theme, downloading wallpaper and installing game on their phones?

In the race of supremacy in mobiles, handhelds and tablet computers mobile OS is a triumph card. Over the years it has evolved as dominant distinguishing characteristic. And today smartphones are classified based on OS they work on. Though it incorporates lots of features, its sovereignty is also reflected by number of downloadable applications available on respective App stores. And Yes! OS vendors are quite aware of that and hence lot of attention is paid towards it, providing support in every possible way and encouraging casual and professional application developers to present their developing skills. It has opened a new dimension of monetary business for software developers.

Lets have a glance on different players on the field. Lets begin with Android, with around 52% of total smartphone market share, and around 0.35 million apps on android marketplace it proves itself superior and will continue to dominate. Different versions of Android are available like Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.2(Honeycomb) and Android 4.0 being the latest codenamed ‘IcecreamSandwitch’. iOS from Apple, with iOS 5 being the latest, this ‘reach men’s OS’ is supreme among all though covers only 15% of market share, it Dominates  applications segment with half a millions of apps on Apple app store which is estimated to have reached 0.75 million by now. With Windows phone 7, Microsoft re-entered the segment with hype. From serious and corporate look, windows mobile have transformed itself into super cool, smooth and polished interface, with 50k apps on marketplace, WinPho7 has long way to go and lot of work need to be done to survive the war. With WinPho7 codenamed Mango is the latest and we could expect Tango and Apollo versions in coming years. Symbian, Samsung Bada, Hp web OS, Blackberry OS, have lost somewhere, they must have lost the battle but not the war! Nokia is working hard on Symbian and app store, it is estimated to have reached 0.1 million mark, and Symbian belle is the latest. Samsung have come up with Tizan OS which might replace Bada devices, HP is trying to deliver Web-OS to open source community and BB is coming with Blackberry OS10 codenamed BBX.

While war is at its top, we can still expect new operating systems, where on one side new players makes their debut while other are crushed cruelly. It’s very difficult to predict the fate of Mobile Operating system, let time take the pride and reveal the mystery. So remember, the one which you carry in your pocket is blessed with supernatural power of OS and is so called Smartphone.  
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