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Activate Facebook Timeline In A Single Click

Facebook timeline is announced in late September.After announcing facebook timeline we showed you a seven step tutorial on How To Enable Facebook Timeline.Now its whole lot easier.You can activate timeline in a single click and publish facebook timeline instantly.

What is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is the new profile design that encourages Facebook users to add as many events about their lives as they like. Essentially, Facebook wants you to put your entire life online. You can update things that happened all the way back to your birth.
Mark Zuckerberg said "Facebook timeline is a new interface which tells the whole life story of a person on a single page".

How To Activate Facebook Timeline In A Single Click?

1. Go to : https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

2. Click Get Timeline
3. Well that's it ,Facebook Timeline is enabled
4. Its not published yet,click Publish Now, you are done
Hope that you enjoyed the article on How To Activate Facebook Timeline.Stay Updated To Get More Updates On Facebook Timeline.
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