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How to SEO your website in easy steps.

Having proper heading tags in
your page and in your post is an
important aspect insearch
engine optimization. All search
engines gives important to
heading tags and crawl them
first before the content and if
you have good keywords in your
heading, its all you need. In this
series of SEO optimization
articles, I have posted couple of
articles about keywords and title
tags. Today, followed by those
two posts, I am going to write
about heading tags and using
keywords in it.
Note: This post is a follow up
post of my previous
article. Please Read : How To
Use Title Tags And Meta Tags!
Heading Tags
Heading tags ae given more
importance by search engines so
if you choose and have your best
keywords in your heading tags,
you are likely to add importance
to your pages. It will help you
getting good rankings in search
engine results according tothe
keywords you choose according
to your post content.
" h1 "
to "h6" use with <>
tags are used
to define HTML headings. "h1"
defines the largest heading and
defines the smallest
heading. These tags are
supported by all browsers and
search engine crawlers as well. It
would be great if you try to
optimize keywords in all heading
tags h1, h2, h3 etc.
Body Content
Your content in the body are the
means of connection between
you and your readers and
prospects. While tweaking the
content for search engines, you
should take care not to irritate
the readers with unwarranted
repetition of keywords. Well, I
personally always prefer to
express whatever my mind has
to and which reflects in my
articles. I almost never try to
change my articles according to
keyword setup and all that.
Analysts say that around 4 to 6 %
keyword density per page is
healthy. You can properly place
and optimize the keywords
within this prescribed density.
You should not attempt to have
hidden keywords (that is,
optimize keywords in white
colour not visible to the reader,
but available to the search
engines) anywhere in the page.
If search engines find out the
trick, they impose stringent
penalties and your web page
would not be shown in the
results at all.
This one was a small post on
optimizing heading tags and
body content. I hope you have
enjoyed reading it. You might
want to leave some words of
appreciation and/or criticism!
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