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I am Supporting#AnnaHazare, Are you?

Hello my lovely readers. I know,
this is not an article related to
technology and my readers from
outside India might not be
interested in reading this article
but as this is a big issue in India
right now, as a countrymen, I
really felt it from heart which has
led me to write and do whatever
bit I can for my country! I am
here to just let you know what’s
all these happening and real
facts! It’s high time to get united,
dear people.
What is this movement about?
India Against Corruption (IAC) is
a citizen’s movement to demand
strong anti-corruption laws.
Lokpal bills were introduced
several times since 1968, yet they
were never passed by the Indian
Parliament. After a fast by veteran
social activist Anna Hazare and
widespread protests by citizens
across India the Government of
India constituted a 10-member
Joint Committee of ministers and
civil society activists to draft an
effective Jan Lokpal Bill. The
primary focus of IAC movement is
to ensure a strong Lokpal bill.
The IAC is a strictly voluntary
organization and its participants
are bound by the IAC code of
Who is Anna Hazare?
Anna Hazare is a social activist
who fought 1965 war for India
and has been social servicing till
now. At the age of 74, he is now
up against the corrupted
government who is just making
scams and looting the money
from all around.
He is appealing to all the
countrymen to stand up and
protest but with a non-violent
attitude. He has assured 60% less
corruption if the original Lokpal
bill has been passed.
Why I am supporting him?
I have always loved this country
but hated the government and
now that I’m getting a chance to
do something to get rid of this
corruption issue, I would surely
want to contribute. They just
need our support and nothing
and nothing more. Please do
whatever you can and try to
spread the word. You can get all
the details about what the
government’s and the original
Lokpal bill has to offer you from
I am supporting Anna Hazare, are
you? Please think and support.
Jai Hind.
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